General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Tracks / GPX File

Download / buy

The purchase of a route via the Sportevents website, the SQM Time platform or the Mygpx platform (GPX file and/or accompanying Roadbook) is always for personal use and allows the user to install the route on a single device. At the time of purchase, you can purchase multiple licenses if you want to make a trip with several people. The files remain available for free download via your SQM Time or MyDayOut account.


Payment is made via Mollie (online credit card, ideal, bancontact etc.). After payment, the purchase is final. There is no cancellation or refund possible.
Prices are displayed on the website of Sportevents, MyDayOut or SQM Time. All prices are inclusive of value added tax (VAT) and exclusive of SQM Time's administrative processing fee.
The price of a trail can always be adjusted or changed by Sportevents.
It is possible to generate an invoice when purchasing the route (only for companies with a valid VAT number).

Additional discounts, vouchers or goodies

Sportevents is not responsible for non-compliance by third parties with the promised discounts and/or the distribution of vouchers. 
Abuse and copyright 
The (free) online and offline distribution of our tracks is a criminal offence. The Court of Justice of the European Union specified in a ruling of April 10, 2014 that the making of a private copy from an unauthorized source is not allowed. An unauthorized source is a source that infringes the rights of authors or holders of related rights. The copy of a work via a P2P network, even if it is only intended for personal use, often constitutes a copy from an unauthorized source and is therefore not authorized by law.

Our routes are all the result of our own creative work and although the roads and paths on which these routes pass are for the most part public, our created GPX is NOT

Physical accidents & fines
As a route buyer, you are responsible for any accidents that occur on the route and Sportevents cannot be held responsible in any way. Nor can we be held responsible for any fines imposed because the traffic regulations and/or the mobility plan are not respected.. Although we regularly check the route and modify it if necessary, we do not give any guarantee in this respect.